In under-resourced communities across Madison, grassroots leaders are hard at work…

• convening men of color to develop citywide programming for boys and men
• leading workshops to help African American women heal from trauma
• working with the City to bring internet access to low-income households
• bringing community members to school to read with children over the lunch hour
• helping new neighbors obtain housing, access resources, and navigate “the system”
• hosting community dinners to engage people across economically and racially divided neighborhoods
• organizing a grassroots knitting group as a site for wellness and healing

We’re excited to be able to support such creative and talented leaders as they pursue these and many more great ideas through the Neighborhood Organizing Institute (NOI).

With a Community Building & Engagement grant from the City of Madison, the Lussier Community Education Center and Goodman Community Center convene grassroots leaders engaged in work in their own communities with a strong emphasis on people of color, low-income people, and people from marginalized communities. By participating, these leaders develop organizing skills and understanding of organizing methods, grow their power to make change, and see local projects move forward.

Twenty-one of Madison’s recognized (and not so recognized) grassroots leaders have participated in NOI so far, moving forward the real community-building projects listed above. The 2017 cohort recently held a graduation celebration (see photos). The 2018 cohort is being selected now.