“I want to thank you for your actions that let me know through your presence that I was a valued member of this community. You taught me how to give back, and you taught me how to inspire others.” With these closing words, Opal Tomashevska reminded Harvest Celebration participants why the LCEC exists and why each of us matters. Together Opal, Tai’Kiah Phillips, and Nikki Conklin emphasized how being part of a community that believes in people’s dreams allows them to give strength to others and draw strength when they need it—month after month, year after year.

The LCEC’s annual Harvest Celebration commemorates our grand opening at 55 South Gammon Road in October 2008. This year more than 200 people filled this building with gratitude and anticipation – and our sponsorships of $31,500,. Thanks to our catering sponsors Marigold Kitchen, Sardine, and Gates & Brovi nearly all of that support will go right into LCEC programming.

THANK YOU to all who came and made it a great evening.