Throughout the months of May and June the notes of Pomp and Circumstance – the official graduation march – ring out in schools throughout the community. At the LCEC, it isn’t one song that signifies graduation, but rather a variety of ceremonies, cookouts, awards and special dinners.

For students in the LCEC’s elementary and middle school afterschool programs, LEAP2College graduation certificates draw special attention to students’ academic work and unique qualities they bring to the classroom all year long.

Food is another way we mark the transitions to summer. Middle- and high-school afterschool programs celebrate with a year-end cookout, while fifth graders each select a special dinner to enjoy with their afterschool classmates. This year’s special requests include

  • Roasted sweet potato, black bean and avocado tacos
  • Blueberry pancakes, sausage and eggs
  • Chili
  • Spaghetti and mashed potatoes
  • Pizza, watermelon, and root beer floats

When it comes time for official graduation marches at John Muir Elementary, Jefferson Middle School and Memorial High School, LCEC staff members join in congratulating the students who mean so much to our community. This year’s senior class includes two of our Buffett Scholars as well as many students who have grown up coming to the Center. We are honored to have been a part of their journey.