Walk into this building at almost any moment and it’s likely you’ll hear children talking, laughing and learning. You might also hear basketballs bouncing or yoga mats unrolling. You might hear boxes of produce being unpacked or tables being set.

When Chelsea Peacock first walked through the Center’s doors, the sounds she heard prompted her to register her daughter into the LCEC’s elementary afterschool program. This neighborhood mom loves being able to count on afterschool (and summer camp) as a safe and welcoming place for her daughter, and she’s since also discovered the variety of programming for adults available here.

Chelsea attends our women’s Wellness Wednesday yoga classes, participated in a series of crock pot cooking classes, rented our community room for family parties, and is consistently a familiar face at community dinners. She thinks it’s important for adults to know, “They can get more involved with community, too.”

While chatting with staff about our September 28 community dinner, Chelsea ensures “I’ll make sure my family has nothing going on that day.” Her daughters enjoy the games and activities, and Chelsea and her mom appreciate good food and good company. Chelsea’s mom, who’s donated door prizes for community dinners, is happy to see her daughter and granddaughters a part of such a vibrant community. Chelsea smiles as she quotes her mom, who can often be heard saying, “It’s so amazing that you moved there and everything is right there for you.”

Join Chelsea and her family at the Back to School Community Dinner, 5:30-7:30pm on Friday, September 28.