Feel like yoga is something you could NEVER do? Don’t worry, we have a class for you! Yoga nights are made for people of all shapes, sizes, experience, and skill level. Are you a newbie who has never set foot on a mat? We’re your spot. 

FREE YOGA CLASSES, 6-7pm on Mondays throughout the summer.   

The instructors focus on gentle, educational classes that teach not only the basics of yoga, but also provide tips on connecting with yourself and listening to your mind and body in order to create personal peace. Beth, a frequent flyer at yoga night, loves the mental aspect of the classes, saying “I’ve been looking for something new to try, and as it turns out, yoga keeps me grounded and conscious of my own self, which is something I’d never been thoughtful of before.”

If you’re looking for a new weekly relaxation routine, or mind and body bending exercises, stop by the Center any Monday evening and check out Yoga LIGHT, Gentle Yoga, or Yoga YUM.  EVERYONE IS WELCOME! Like us on Facebook to stay up to date on scheduled classes.