Another AMAZING eight weeks of summer fun, learning, and adventure has come to a close here at the LCEC.  For us, summer camp is more than just a way to occupy your time throughout this sunny season. This is a time to explore new habitats, try new activities, learn new things, and so much more! For just a taste of what the kids got up to, check out our LCEC Summer Camp Video. Do you know someone who would like to be part of this amazing work? We’re hiring!  Click here for more info on the positions we have available, or call us at (608)833-4979.

What were the highlights of the LCEC Summer Camp 2019?  For the elementary students, the crowd-pleaser seemed to be Baking Club, especially according to Amari*, who said, “I really like baking because then we get to eat all the food, or give it to our friends, and it’s really good.” Who could argue with that? 

For the middle schoolers, the campers seemed most invested in the canoeing trips, with the trip to UW-Madison’s Center for Limnology coming in a close second place.  

And finally, for the high schoolers, the headliner was certainly the trip to D.C. (see Youth Action Takes DC By Storm!) On a smaller scale, the in-house Power 101 workshops  provoked youth to think about issues in their community, and what actions they can take to give them more power to make change.  

And we couldn’t have done any of this without the amazing support we got from individuals and organizations throughout our community. You know who you are! THANK YOU! 

*name has been changed.