When you picture afterschool programming for middle schoolers, you probably imagine homework help, snacks, and a safe space to spend time with friends. The Jefferson Youth Resource Center certainly provides these outlets, but with a healthy dose of soldering, working with circuit boards, and creating electricity through potatoes.

“Right away students noticed that they needed to be very careful, and that patience was important,” noted Middle School Program Lead Julia Robles.

Youth Resource Center is offered in collaboration with Jefferson Middle School, MSCR, and the LCEC. DANEnet brings Makers Club to life, increasing middle schoolers’ knowledge about science, engineering, and electronics, while simultaneously supporting their creative endeavors.

“It was great to see them helping each other, and they worked diligently to light up their circuit boards,” Julia continued. By the end of Makers Club that day, the lights on middle schoolers’ completed circuit boards were only outshone by the pride lighting up their faces — a feeling that will stick with them as they continue to explore all the ways they can be “makers.”