It’s no secret that some amazing businesses choose to partner with the LCEC to share their gifts. The one in the spotlight today is Tri-North Builders, a construction management company dedicated to giving back to the community around them. Long-time supporters of our yearly Harvest Celebration, the folks at Tri-North Builders have made the LCEC their place to get involved in their community. And that’s not where their commitment ends… not even close! 

Each year the LCEC works to provide gifts to kids through the Holiday Gift Program. At about $30/gift for each child, this is no easy task. Tri-North got involved in this program two years ago, and through online and in-person sign ups in all five of their offices across the nation, their field staff, remote staff, and onsite employees have bought, bagged, and stored gifts for a total of 450 kids. This year they’re matching 300 young people, including kids from the new Tree Lane Family Apartments, with gifts for the holiday season. 

Our School Supply Drive is another favorite of the Tri-North team. While 2018’s generous donation of 71 backpacks and a few boxes of supplies set a record, they beat it with 96 backpacks and 10 boxes of supplies in 2019. On top of that, they organized a Birthday Bag Drive, enlisting the help of children in their onsite daycare to fill 60 birthday bags for kids in the LCEC’s summer camp.  

Thank you, Tri-North Builders! It’s businesses like you that go above and beyond that keep the Center humming, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have found such wonderful partners.