No matter how far back you look, you’ll find food at the heart of what’s become the Lussier Community Education Center. From the early days in one vacant apartment neighbors would drop off extra of one item and pick up extra of something else. All these years later Food From Friends and the Lussier Food Pantry carry on that tradition of filling in the gaps with fresh, nutritious options.

Rachel first became involved with Food From Friends 13 years ago, when the Center was housed at Wexford Ridge apartments. She was inspired by the the culture, community, and communication with everyone at the Center, “especially the elders, I love talking to them,” she says.

When her grandkids were little and expressed their love for the Center, she got even more engaged. And when the new building opened 10 years ago, Rachel chose to continue with Food From Friends and bring her strong leadership presence to the Center. “There is nothing I could see the Center changing,” she says today. “Everyone is friendly and they treat you well.”

This story is part of a special series celebrating 10 years of open doors at 55 South Gammon Road in Madison.