Here at Lussier, we strive to create an inclusive and supportive environment for the entire community. Sometimes that means a little bit of decorating! 😊 Outside of The Center saw some improvements with new landscaping and flowers, a new shed, and freshly trimmed trees. A bright exterior is just a small reflection of the bright individuals that walk the halls within.

First things first, THE SHED! As many of you may know, LCEC has had an old shed at the back of the building for a pretty long time. That shed has been home to mice, the infamous hawk, and many spiders. It was long overdue for an update! This new shed is made with concrete blocks, making it weather-resistant and safe from any critters getting too comfortable. Now we are able to organize and store our outdoor sporting equipment and other useful tools.

Next up, the landscaping! We thought it was about time to get some colorful flowers and updated mulch in the front of the building. It is a breath of fresh air to see all of the amazing colors and different types of flowers. What an amazing reflection of the diversity and vibrancy inside and outside of The Center!

Last but certainly not least, the office! We received donated desks and chairs so that our office can become more organized. All of the staff have been settling in and getting comfortable in their new work stations. With new shelves, drawers, and even office plants, the staff are able to focus on what really matters, OUR AMAZING COMMUNITY!

Feel free to stop over to The Center, check out the changes, and chat with some of the staff!