If you asked our afterschoolers about their favorite part of our afterschool program, you would hear a lot about food! Every evening afterschoolers enjoy homemade, healthy meals that include foods students may be trying for the first time, as well as old favorites.

As the school year wraps up, fifth grade afterschoolers are enjoying an LCEC mealtime tradition: Each gets to choose their favorite meal one final time before they graduate from elementary school and elementary afterschool!

A few favorite meals this year: bison burgers with brown butter carrots, potstickers, almond-crusted catfish with asparagus, crab and shrimp boil with potatoes and carrots, and fry bread tacos.

With over 40 people to serve, who are the volunteers that help to make these special meals happen? We owe it all to Karen, Kathleen, Lori, Connie, and Harwinder, the wonderful women who have been with us for the year. Their creativity, commitment, and hard work have made meals this year some of the best ones yet!

As a special end-of-year thank you, our Community Engagement Manager Cristina and Elementary Program Manager Brian invited our kitchen team to a surprise breakfast celebrating these amazing volunteers. We are so grateful for everything they have done for our program and our students, and it was great to treat them to a day on the other side of the serving spoon!