February 7, 2023

We would like to address an incident that occurred at Lussier Community Education Center on the evening of Friday, February 3. Just before the start of our monthly Community Dinner, an individual not associated with our organization sustained a gunshot wound in our shared parking lot with Jefferson Middle School. At this time, the incident is believed to have been self-inflicted and accidental.

As soon as the situation was brought to our attention, our staff acted quickly to ensure the safety of everyone present. They immediately called emergency services and worked with community members to provide essential care to the injured individual. When paramedics arrived, our staff cooperated to successfully transfer control of the situation. Law enforcement arrived alongside paramedics to locate the firearm in question, at which point they conducted an hours-long search to ensure the safety of all staff and community members present at The Center. Ultimately, the Madison Police Department determined there was no firearm at LCEC and no cause for concern for the users of The Center.

We would like to take a moment to commend the efforts of our staff who were on the scene during this challenging situation. Undoubtedly, their heroism and resilience contributed to the safe transfer of the injured individual to the paramedics’ care. Additionally, their calm control of the situation ensured maximum safety for everybody at The Center during the incident. Their quick thinking and actions reflect the commitment of our organization to providing a safe and secure environment for all. They exemplify the strength and compassion of our community, and we are both proud of and thankful for their efforts.

While we are relieved that the situation has been resolved and that there is no cause for concern, we understand that it may have been a traumatic experience for some of our community members, volunteers, youth, and staff. We are here to provide support and resources to anyone who may need it.

As we move forward, we will continue to prioritize the safety and well-being of all those who look to LCEC for support. We appreciate the understanding and cooperation of our community as we work through processing this difficult experience.

At this time, we ask for privacy for the individual involved and their family and ask that any inquiries be directed to the police department. Our thoughts are with the individual and their loved ones as they receive medical attention, and we wish them a full and speedy recovery.