You often say you appreciate the welcoming atmosphere at the Center, and that warm welcome begins at our front desk. Most of the people who greet you are here via work placement as part of our BEATS (Building Employment and Technology Skills) program. Volunteers like Robert, Awa and Scott (all pictured here) discover the LCEC through Vocational Rehabilitation in the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development or the Greater Wisconsin Agency on Aging Resources. The LCEC provides mentorship and support as they build on-the-job administrative skills, add to their resumes, and prepare for long-term employment.

Robert (pictured at the center of a staff huddle) has been a part of the LCEC family for the past four years. He says he values the team of staff and volunteers he works with, and enjoys getting to meet all the people who come in to the Center. “When someone comes to use the computer or fax … I like helping them in an immediate way,” Robert adds.

Please help us give Robert a warm send-off as his work placement ends, wish him luck on his future endeavors, and take a moment to greet whoever is at the front desk the next time you stop by.