As a middle schooler, Daurice Fountain was described as “very motivated” by LCEC staff member Daniel Steinbring (pictured with Daurice in 2008). “Once he sets his sights on something, he completes it.”

For Daurice this meant setting his sights on success. He worked hard to earn good grades, participated in high school football, basketball, and track, and was always conscious of the role model he was for his peers and younger brother. He stood out to his teachers, coaches, and mentors. When Bill and Jan DeAtley decided to support a scholars program in honor of long-time Center advocate Jane Burrows Buffett, the selection committee had no trouble choosing Daurice as one of the first Buffett Scholars.

During Daurice’s senior year of high school his hard work paid off – earning him a full football scholarship to Northern Iowa University. While in college Daurice shone in the classroom and on the field, and he recently graduated a semester early with a degree in Communications and a campaign to get into the NFL draft.

Years ago LCEC staff member Daniel Steinbring commented, “I have no doubts that Daurice will grow up to be successful in whatever he wants to do.” Today Daniel added, “I am so proud of the man that Daurice has become. I can’t wait to see what he achieves next!”