Cooking Up a Community

Women in our community are cooking up a storm! Throughout the Summer each Wednesday evening delicious and savory smells emerged from the High Point Church Kitchen on Old Sauk Road. Community members young and old gathered for a free women’s cooking series. Participants learned cooking techniques and healthy habits from local chefs and nutritionists.

One of the spotlighted community chefs was our very own Nikki Conklin! Bringing in some of her favorite recipes Nikki taught others how to prep pesto, whip up homemade dressing, and hone in some of the classics like quinoa chili, and Mexican rice and beans. Those leading the class followed a curriculum focused around balancing greens, whole grains, fruits and beans. Ms. Nikki looked forward to cooking with the group each Wednesday evening, she recalls:

“the most rewarding part for me was seeing people learn new things about food or cooking, people trying new foods they may not have never tried before…people coming back and telling me they did the recipes at home and how much their families enjoyed them!”

This program was made possible by the generous contributions of the Ira and Ineva Reilly Baldwin Wisconsin Idea Endowment and with help from the Lussier Community Education Center.