Wisconsin’s primary election will take place Tuesday, August 9.

Your voice is important, so we want to do everything we can at the Center to be sure you can participate in the electoral process this year.

You’ll be free to cast your vote any time between 7am and 8pm. All polling will take place inside of the gym here at LCEC. New to the Center? No worries! Staff will be ready to help you find your way around.

Civic engagement is essential for a healthy community. While we’re not endorsing any of the candidates, we want to provide you an overview of the ballot so you can conduct research and make a well-informed decision. Below, you’ll find a list of races and candidates. You’ll find either [D][R], or [3rd Party] near their name, indicating their political affiliation (Democrat, Republican, or 3rd Party respectively). Candidates will be listed in alphabetical order, grouped by the office they are seeking.

Some Background:
This is a primary election, meaning that the results will determine party candidates for the November election. For example, Tony Evers is running for reelection for the position of Governor, making him the incumbent. Tony Evers is a Democrat that will face a Republican opponent in November. Because Tony Evers is running unopposed, no other Democrats will be challenging him. So the election on August 9 will determine his Republican opponent, which will be either Adam Fischer, Rebecca Kleefisch, Tim Michels, and Timothy Ramthun. Keep in mind: this is a partisan election. Registered Republicans will receive a ballot with the names of only Republican candidates. Likewise, registered Democrats can expect a ballot with the names of only Democrat candidates. There are also a couple of 3rd party candidates running. You’ll find them in their respective party’s ballots. 

The Ballot:

  • Governor
    • Tony Evers (Incumbent) – [D]
    • Adam Fischer – [R]
    • Rebecca Kleefisch – [R]
    • Tim Michels – [R]
    • Timothy Ramthun – [R]
  • Lieutenant Governor
    • Peng Her – [D]
    • David King – [R]
    • Will Martin – [R]
    • Sara Rodriguez – [D]
    • Roger Roth – [R]
    • Patrick Testin – [R]
    • David Varnam – [R]
    • Cindy Werner – [R]
    • Jonathan Wichmann – [R]
    • Kyle Yudes – [R]
  • Attorney General
    • Adam Jarchow – [R]
    • Josh Kaul (Incumbent) – [D]
    • Karen Mueller – [R]
    • Eric Toney – [R]
  • Secretary of State
    • Douglas J. LaFollette (Incumbent) – [D]
    • Amy Loudenbeck – [R]
    • Alexia Sabor – [D]
    • Justin Schmidtka – [R]
    • Jay Schroeder – [R]
    • Neil Harmon – [Libertarian Party]
  • State Treasurer
    • Gillian Battino – [D]
    • John Leiber – [R]
    • Orlando Owens – [R]
    • Aaron Richardson – [D]
    • Andrew Zuelke – [Constitution Party]
  • US Senator
    • Mandela Barnes – [D]
    • Ronald Harold Johnson (Incumbent) – [R]
    • Kou Lee – [D]
    • Steven Olikara – [D]
    • Peter Peckarsky – [D]
    • Darrell Williams – [D]
    • David Schroeder – [R]
  • US House: Wisconsin District 2
    • Charity Barry – [R]
    • Erik Olsen – [R]
    • Mark Pocan (Incumbent) – [D]
  • Wisconsin State Assembly District 78
    • Matt Neuhaus – [R]
    • Lisa Subeck – [D]
  • Dane County Sheriff
    • Kalvin Barrett (Incumbent) – [D]
    • Anthony Hamilton – [R]
  • Dane County Clerk of the Circuit Court
    • Carlo Esqueda (Incumbent) – [D]