Bev Mazur first set foot in the LCEC for the MadWest Winter Farmers’ Market, hosted here each November through February. She loved the space, energy, and people at the Center, and knew she needed to be a part of our community beyond attending the market. Five years later, Bev is our super-star volunteer photographer, capturing kids learning, families laughing, and hundreds of wonderful “blink-and-you’ll-miss-it” moments at the Center.

Bev loves taking pictures at our monthly community dinners, and especially enjoys the accepting atmosphere and “all the energy from the kids.” She highly recommends October’s Tricky Science community dinner, and the Health and Wellness BBQ in July.

Catch Bev next at the LCEC’s Gallery Night on Thursday, April 25, and in the meantime, enjoy just a few of her photos on the left of the page! Or, perhaps bump into her out in the community. When Bev is not taking pictures, you might find her exploring art exhibits, singing, or reading poetry.

Has Bev inspired you? Consider volunteering as an LCEC photographer! Want to share your own passion with the community? No problem! Bev’s volunteer position was created especially for her. Contact to learn more about joining the LCEC volunteer team.