Summit Credit Union and Black Men Coalition of Dane County teamed up to teach 13 teens the ins and outs of financial literacy. During this time the participants learned about responsible money management, fraud prevention, and how to manage multiple accounts. Each week a new lesson was the focus. From opening accounts, understanding and creating a savings plan, to common money beliefs and the importance of budgeting. 

Upon successful completion of the 6-week program, all participants received:

  • Checking & Savings Account with Summit Credit Union
  • Personal Banker
  • $5 in Savings Account
  • $240 in Checking Account
  • Professional Headshot Photo (can be used on LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Credit Repair
  • Opportunity to join the BMCDC Quarterly Financial Club

It is so vital for the next generation to get a head start on financial literacy and money management. With a changing economy, personal finances have become more complex and the need for a good understanding of the basics is the first step towards financial freedom! Here at LCEC, we are striving to not only create a vibrant environment for youth now, but also the foundation needed for a thriving and successful future.